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Investing in your 401(k) - Retiring the Month with Mike (July Edition)

“Where did the time go?”. I find myself saying this year after year as soon as August comes around and it finally hits me that fall foliage and sweater weather is right around the corner. After hearing about all the exciting trips our clients have gone on this summer, it makes me want to go back and do a few more things differently, but unfortunately you cannot go back in time. However, that does not mean I can't adjust accordingly to change things for the future.

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What to do with an old 401k - Retiring the Month with Mike (June Edition)

This month’s topic I will be discussing: What to do with an old 401(k). In researching material I thought would be helpful in this post, I came across a client approved piece provided to me by National Financial Services which insightfully discusses about the topic, so I figured it best to pass it along as is. 

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What is a 529 Plan? - Retiring the Month with Mike (May Edition)

I want to introduce you to my new monthly feature, “Retiring the Month with Mike”. During these monthly posts I will be featuring a new topic on how we can help further educate you on financial matters. During meetings with clients, Jeremy, Chris and I heard about areas in which you may desire to learn more about. Additionally, I will be featuring our “Social Media Post of the Month” from either our company Twitter account or one of our LinkedIn profiles.

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